Organic flakey, flavoured salts SMIQQL’ Full Solo Collection

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This natty gift-set contains 8 bottles of organic, flakey salt – each bottle contains a different cocktail of creative flavours.


Softer and flakier than any other salt we have come across, these organic, punchy-flavoured salts mean business.

Don’t let the quirky name SMIQQL cloud your opinion, this is not just a fad, once you start adding these salty cocktails to your recipes, you’ll find it hard to stop.

There are eight SMIQQL flaky salt flavours, and this Full Solo Collection gift set includes all of them in eight elegant and reusable SOLO glass bottles, packed together in a luxurious black magnet box to delight the whole family with endless Sprinkles of Joy.

Each of the 8 bottles contains 27.5g of salt, so the whole set will last for months. If you run out of one of the flavours, we can also sell you individual 10g bottles to top up your supply, just let us know when you’re close to running out and we’ll sort it for you – we wont let you be without, don’t worry.

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Critical Chili  27.5g ℮ 

Sea salt* (81%), chili, lemon powder, garlic, paprika, ginger, bayleaf

Snazzy Sting   27.5g ℮ 

Sea salt* (81%), coriander leaf, dried onion, garlic, lemon powder, paprika, chili, ginger

Summer Yaz   27.5g ℮ 

Sea salt* (80%), garlic, lemon powder, parsley, chili

Lavanta Nane   27.5g ℮ 

Sea salt* (80%), lemon powder, mint, lavender blossom, chili

Little Boom   27.5g ℮ 

Sea salt* (83%), garlic, lemon powder, paprika, ginger, smoked paprika, bayleaf, turmeric

Zesty Zinger   27.5g ℮ 

Sea salt* (81%), coriander leaf, dried onion, garlic, lemon powder, ginger, paprika

Fresh Frenzy   27.5g ℮ 

Sea salt* (77%), garlic, parsley, peppermint, lemon powder, dried onion

Turkish Tang   27.5g ℮ 

Sea salt* (89%), orange powder, Ceylon cinnamon, cardamom


Average nutritional value per 100g:
Energy: 230.8 kJ/55.2 kcal
Fats: 0.6 g, of which saturates: 0.1 g
Carbohydrates: 11.7 g, of which sugars**: 3.1 g
Protein: 2.3g
Salt: 81.6 g 

*Origin: Australia
**all natural sugars from the organic spices, herbs and dried fruits

Each bottle of Smiqql flaky salt is filled and packaged plastic-free in fully reusable and recyclable packaging.

All products are produced in the EU

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