Attelas – Six Blanc Candle

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Discover our exclusive, limited-edition collection—crafted with non-toxic oils for the safest candle experience.

Each candle, meticulously handcrafted using 100% soy wax and specially chosen wicks, ensures clean burning. Influenced by Alpine nature, our attention to detail guarantees a serene and secure ambiance, harmonized with your favorite scent.





Top Note : Amber mist, vanilla flower

Middle note: Worn leather, jasmine, sandalwood

Bottom note: Cedarwood, smokey musk

A deep scent of smoked bark and dark woods, with undertones of vanilla and musk, create a beautiful, complete aroma that transports you onto the high, snowy Alpine mountaintops.

  • –  Made only in limited quantites
  • –  Our oils in this collection are non toxic and the safest available on the market.
  • –  Our combination of specially chosen 100% soy wax, oils and wicks produce clean burning and safe candles.
  • –  Influenced by Alpine nature, each candle is carefully handcrafted, with every little detail considered. This ensures a relaxing, safe experience with your favourite scent.

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